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Comprehensive Brand and Web Development for

Project: Full Brand and Website Development
Services Provided: Research and Moodboard, Logo Design and Branding, Landing Page UX Design, UI Design, Web Development in Webflow, Marketing and Maintenance Training
Tools Used: Figma, Webflow

Background, an emerging platform in the digital content creation space, approached Dee7 Studio for a comprehensive brand and web development project. The goal was to establish a strong brand identity and develop a user-friendly, engaging website that reflects the innovative spirit of


The challenge was multifaceted: to build a brand from the ground up, design a visually appealing and functional landing page, and develop a website that is both easy to navigate and maintain. Additionally, we aimed to empower the team with the knowledge to manage their marketing and website maintenance post-launch.


  1. Research and Moodboard: We initiated the project with in-depth research into the digital content creation industry, identifying trends and user preferences. A moodboard was created to visually capture the essence of's brand vision.
  2. Logo Design and Branding with a Branding Guide: Our design team developed a unique logo and comprehensive branding guide. This guide included color palettes, typography, and visual elements that form the core of's brand identity.
  3. Landing Page User Experience Design with a Wireframe: We crafted a wireframe for the landing page, focusing on an intuitive user experience that guides visitors through's offerings seamlessly.
  4. User Interface Design with a Prototype in Figma: Transitioning to UI design, we used Figma to create a high-fidelity prototype. This prototype brought the wireframe to life with engaging visuals and interactive elements.
  5. Web Development in Webflow: With the design phase complete, our development team built the website on Webflow, ensuring a responsive, fast-loading, and SEO-friendly site.
  6. Training for Marketing and Webflow Maintenance: Post-launch, we provided comprehensive training to the team, equipping them with the skills needed for effective marketing and routine maintenance of their Webflow site.


The project culminated in the successful launch of a vibrant, user-friendly website that truly encapsulates the essence of The brand identity resonated with the target audience, and the website has seen positive engagement and feedback.


This project showcased Dee7 Studio's ability to deliver end-to-end solutions, from brand conceptualization to web development and client training. Our holistic approach ensured that was not just given a website, but a complete brand identity and the tools to thrive in the digital space.

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