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Mind-Ninja Website Transformation

Project Overview

Client: Mind-Ninja
Industry: Mental Health and Well-being
Services Provided: Website Redesign, Web Development, E-commerce Integration, Digital Product Launch
Technologies Used: Webflow, Ecwid


Mind-Ninja, a mental health and well-being service provider, initially operated with a basic WordPress website. The site required frequent updates due to plugin dependencies and was challenging for the client to manage. Additionally, the website's performance was suboptimal, with slow loading times impacting user experience.


  1. Redesign the Website: To create a more user-friendly, visually appealing, and efficient website.
  2. Migrate to a More Robust Platform: Transition from WordPress to Webflow for better performance and ease of management.
  3. Integrate E-commerce Functionality: Implement an e-commerce system to facilitate the launch and sale of digital products.
  4. Launch New Digital Products: Support the client in introducing two new digital offerings to their audience.


  1. Analysis and Planning: Conducted a thorough analysis of the existing website to identify key areas for improvement. Developed a project plan outlining the redesign and development phases.
  2. Website Redesign: Collaborated closely with the client to understand their vision and requirements. The new design focused on user experience, brand alignment, and ease of navigation.
  3. Development on Webflow: Migrated the website to Webflow, a more robust and user-friendly platform. This transition allowed for greater design flexibility, improved site speed, and easier content management for the client.
  4. E-commerce Integration: Implemented Ecwid, an e-commerce solution, to manage the sale of digital products. This integration provided a seamless shopping experience for users and simplified product management for the client.
  5. Digital Product Launch: Assisted in the launch of two new digital products, ensuring they were well-integrated into the website and e-commerce system.


  • Enhanced User Experience: The new website design and improved navigation led to a more engaging user experience.
  • Increased Efficiency: The migration to Webflow reduced the need for frequent updates and simplified website management for the client.
  • Successful Product Launch: The integration of Ecwid facilitated the successful launch and sale of two new digital products.
  • Improved Website Performance: The new platform and design enhancements resulted in faster loading times and better overall website performance.


The transformation of Mind-Ninja's website from a basic WordPress site to a dynamic, user-friendly platform on Webflow, coupled with the integration of Ecwid for e-commerce, significantly enhanced the client's online presence. The project not only improved the website's functionality and user experience but also supported the successful launch of new digital products, marking a significant step forward for Mind-Ninja in their digital journey.

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