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Short Step-by-Step Overview:

1. Setup: Creating an account and choosing a template on

2. Design Basics: Customizing layout, adding text, and setting colors.

3. Engagement Elements: Integrating forms, buttons, and social links.

4. Finalization: Previewing, testing, and publishing the landing page.

Detailed Breakdown:

Detailed Breakdown:

1. Setup:

Account Creation:

Visit and sign up for a free or pro account.

Log in and click on "New" to start a fresh project.

Template Selection:

Browse through the available templates. Choose one that aligns with your brand or start from scratch.

2. Design Basics:

Layout Customization:

Drag and drop sections to rearrange the page layout.

Adjust the width, height, and alignment of each section.

Text & Typography:

Add headlines, subheadlines, and body text.

Customize font style, size, and color to match your brand.

Color & Branding:

Set a background color or image for your landing page.

Use consistent colors for buttons, links, and other elements.

3. Engagement Elements:


Integrate sign-up or contact forms to capture leads.

Customize form fields based on the information you want to gather.

Buttons & CTAs:

Add buttons that link to other pages or external sites.

Ensure your CTAs are clear, compelling, and placed strategically.

Social Links:

Embed icons that link to your social media profiles.

Place them in the footer or header for easy access.

4. Finalization:

Mobile Preview:

Switch to mobile view to ensure your landing page is responsive and looks good on all devices.


Test all links, buttons, and forms to ensure they work correctly.


Once satisfied, click on the "Publish" button. Choose a custom domain or use the default URL.

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