Dee7 Studio Remote Work Policy

IntroductionAt Dee7 Studio, we believe in the power of remote work to unlock creativity and efficiency. Our remote work policy is designed to support our team members wherever they are, ensuring they have the tools and flexibility they need to excel.

Policy Overview

  1. Flexibility: Team members can choose their work hours, allowing them to work when they are most productive.
  2. Communication: Regular virtual meetings and a robust digital communication system keep everyone connected and informed.
  3. Technology Support: We provide the necessary technology and software to create a seamless remote working experience.

Remote Work Benefits

  1. Work-Life Balance: Our remote work policy allows team members to manage their professional and personal lives more effectively, reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being.
  2. Global Collaboration: By not being limited to a physical location, we collaborate with diverse talents worldwide, bringing unique perspectives to our projects.
  3. Environmental Impact: Remote work reduces the need for commuting, contributing to a reduction in our carbon footprint.


  • Team members are expected to maintain regular communication and adhere to project deadlines.
  • We encourage a dedicated workspace to help separate work from personal life.
  • Regular check-ins and feedback sessions ensure team members feel supported and connected.


Dee7 Studio’s remote work policy is more than just a convenience; it's a commitment to fostering a modern, inclusive, and productive work environment.